Without depth all is shallow


Collaboration Depth

For over 50 years responsible advertising agencies, advertisers and media have agreed that all advertising should be:

Legal, Decent, Honest and Truthful

It’s not just a proven method for engaging the public and building credibility and trust for a brand.

We believe it’s also a proven method for deepening collaboration between a brand and its advertising agency.

It’s a simple policy.

Upfront, the most productive collaborations should be placed on a Legal, Decent, Honest and Truthful basis.

Legal, because even a simple letter of appointment can agree the core terms of business and improve mutual understanding, transparency and accountability.

Decent, because treating each other with decency and fairness boosts talent and productivity.

Honest, because straight-talking is the best way to solve problems and get the best results.

Truthful, because it’s the only way to build mutual trust in a business where a motivating truth is always at the heart of great advertising.

These are the ethics we live by. You can see how well they have served us by watching our work.

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