Without depth all is shallow


Creative Depth

We create memories of a possible future – memories that will influence future choices and decisions for the better.

This is never a random process. It is rooted in insight, inspiration, skill – and depth. The psychologist Stuart Sutherland wrote:

“True creativity is not thinking of a hundred uses for a brick… it is the ability to paint a picture that in some way or other moves the beholder.”

Sutherland, Irrationality (1992), p124

We paint pictures in people’s memories that encode themselves emotionally to motivate action.

In LyleBailie we take people on a journey they didn’t expect – to a place they had never imagined.

The skill – and the depth – lies not in choosing any Big Idea that fits the latest fashion, but in creating a Big Idea that engages the target audience with enduring Emotional Truth.

To do that we often surprise people. That requires originality. It also requires some specific skills we have sharpened for the benefit of our clients. The successful outcomes are always public, always noticed and always engagingly evident to all.


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