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Media Depth

As a Belfast advertising agency working across the Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain markets, we have the evidence-driven technology and experience to plan and buy media across all channels – TV, Radio, Digital, Outdoor, Press, Cinema, Sponsorships, Partnerships, Ambient and Experiential.

We start from the question – what are the clients owned and earned media and how can paid media add traction and payback to the mix?

What further psychological insights into media consumption can we bring to clients to add impact, engagement and payback to their campaigns?

Check out the following sections on LyleBailie’s media solutions or contact us to tell us about your business needs and we can talk.

expandNeuro Depth

Brain science has revealed that neither Media nor Creative work in isolation. In the Advertised Mind (2005) Nigel Hollis of Millward Brown writes:

“The interaction of the creative and the media strategy is critical when trying to establish new impressions for a brand. The two must work together to allow learning to take place… As a result, the media strategy and creative should be managed as one entity, and managed over time. All too often, however, media plans are made and executed without reference to the nature of the creative.”

Therefore our recommendation is always work together – joined-up thinking can access more brain cells!


LyleBailie has specialised in attitude and behaviour change across the years with a significant strength in media planning and buying for public service clients dealing in areas of habitual behaviours, difficult target audiences to reach and often sublimated attitudes. This has led us to develop a psychological approach to media planning and buying, Neural Planning and Buying. We use techniques that add to the normal requirement to deliver optimised reach and frequency with additional memory encoding. – Availability Heuristic planning, Cognitive Dissonance special buys on TV and Radio, Point of Danger buying in Outdoor, Recency spots and dayparts, etc. These effects mean that LyleBailie campaigns consistently scores 20% plus higher awareness than industry average recall scores for private and public sector clients. Talk to us about how Neural planning and Buying can add value to your media mix.

expandTV Depth

LyleBailie has vast experience in planning and buying successful TV brand, activation, attitude change and Direct Response campaigns. LyleBailie is the only advertising agency in Northern Ireland with access to DDS which is essential for accurate TV planning/ buying across the UK and we have TAM/ Neilsen data to buy all-Ireland campaigns. Without this data the planning would be based on assumptions and with no real way of assessing coverage delivery or any other quality buying parameters.

To give clients a comprehensive in-depth service we have the following tools:

  • Effective frequency analysis to calculate weightings required.
  • Adstock modelling to plan laydowns (including burst/ drip/ always on).
  • Top programme analysis.
  • Analysis of audiences not reached by previous activity.
  • Direct Response planning tool.
  • Psychological Depth TV buying to make campaigns work harder, employing tools such as Launch Framing, Roadblocking, Cognitive Dissonance, Immediacy Value, etc.

It all adds up to our TV campaigns delivering real return on investment – ask for more details by contacting us.

expandRadio Depth

Using our eTelmar software which optimises the radio campaigns cost effectively, Radio airtime can be bought across Great Britain and Northern Ireland (we use Mediastar for campaigns in the Republic). Our Radio fundamentals include:

  • Delivery of maximum impacts at very low cost.
  • Planning for optimum level of message frequency (neither too much or too little).
  • Targeting of the audience at decision-making moments throughout the day.

We can further negotiate radio station added value, partnerships, sponsorships, etc. to bring further life to campaigns.

Radio Partnership Example

  • A media partnership with Cool FM featuring on air, off air, online activities in a cross media partnership was designed to launch the new Anti-Drug Driving campaign. Activity encouraged young adults to go online and visit the branded micro site.

    expandOutdoor Depth

    We offer planning and buying across all Out of Home (OOH) formats – standard and ambient.

    We are subscribers and users of JNOR in Ireland (the equivalent of Route in GB) to optimise OOH depth of reach and frequency – beware of one-off vanity specials which fail to deliver overall coverage and engagement.

    Furthemore we offer:

    • Interception and Engagement planning at key decision making moments.
    • Post campaign evaluation of OOH campaigns for delivery, savings, added value and future learnings.
    • Innovations and Sponsorships.
    Outdoor Examples
  • Abbey Insurance

    Outdoor Banner Special (Belfast) with 200 Adshels delivered as part of package

  • Moy Park

    Storepoints (Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway)

  • Cookstown Sausages

    Path to purchase 48 Sheets

  • Michael Jones Northampton

    48 Sheets

  • The OUTLET

    196 Sheet special, Belfast

  • P&O

    Outdoor – Glasgow, Scotland

  • Peugeot

    Belfast International Airport, electronic clock and scrolling message

  • DOE – Road Safety

    Penalty Box sponsorship at Belfast Giants

  • Road Safety Authority

    Admobile at concert venues in Republic of Ireland

    expandDigital Depth

    The following Digital Marketing Map shows how we integrate our digital offering with the rest of the media plan to ensure that campaigns deliver best response and value for money across the UK and Ireland.

    Digital Marketing Map


    We offer Search (Paid and SEO), CRM, Email marketing, Mobile, social media, video, analytics as well as display. Our Various online banner formats run using a combination of MPUs, Leaderboards, Skyscrapers and Banners. All sites and formats are monitored on a regular basis using Adtech (which LyleBailie has in-house). This chart, taken from Adtech, shows how each site is monitored for page impression delivery, clicks throughs, etc.



    Our online work for Moy Park in 2012 delivered over 52,000 clicks to its website based on just all-Ireland activity. For the Northern Ireland Environment Agency we delivered 17,000 clicks for a Summer/Autumn campaign. Digital partnerships have included the ‘UTV Drive – Abbey Insurance Media Partnership’ below.

    Digital Partnership Example


    Abbey Insurance entered a partnership with the leading local car website UTV Drive. In addition to title branding on all web elements, title branding was also included on all TV promotional activity – equivalent to more than 2000 TVRs in free added value.

    expandPrint/ Press Depth

    We buy campaigns across Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland in national, regional and local newspapers and magazines.

    We utilise TGI and Barb data for press planning and buying across Ireland and GB to ensure optimised reach, frequency and value for money.

    Short lead-in times and turnaround.

    Development of special sizes, positions, partnerships including, where relevant, branded content.

    Print/ Press Examples
  • Department of Education

    Content-driven partnership with Sunday World targeting young parents.

  • Moy Park

    Advertising plus content to drive brand values in Flavour Magazine.

    expandRecruitment Depth

    As a full service advertising agency based in Belfast, LyleBailie has vast experience planning and buying recruitment campaigns for a range of clients, across the various media channels in Northern Ireland. With the decline of Newspaper circulation, other media channels have become more prevalent in the recruiting process such as Radio, Digital and Outdoor in addition to traditional Recruitment Press.

    LyleBailie has developed its own in-house recruitment Planning and Buying Process to aid in the development in cost effective and efficient recruitment campaigns. Recruitment clients include Allstate, Belfast Metropolitan College and Dale Farm.


    expandPsychological Depth And Media Planning

    We have been immersed in neuroscience for years – as a Belfast advertising agency working in Northern Ireland, across the United Kingdom and in the Republic of Ireland, we have had a useful perspective on how people think through years of media planning and buying to deliver complex attitudinal change in challenging circumstances.

    In an age where every additional exposure delivered at a moment when we can have maximum influence on the decision making process is vital, we have developed a series of psychological techniques which are key to building brand memories and recall in the minds of target audiences.

    The decision making funnel is not a simple, rational, forward moving process. It is a complex, emotional one – with one step forward and two steps back sometimes. It’s like Snakes and Ladders where media interventions can take people up the decision-making ladders only for behavioural attitudes to push people back.

    Key psychological concepts that we deal with include the following:

    • Framing Effects – Launch and Maintenance framing and weighting (getting these wrong can be a huge waste of media budgets).
    • Cognitive Dissonance.
    • Reactance.
    • Loss Aversion.
    • Chunking.
    • Anchoring.
    • Immediacy Value.
    • Unrealistic Optimism.
    • Risk Homeostasis.

    Not every brand or client will need to deal with all these issues but we can advise if you will.

    Developing a media solution to deal with these crucial areas is vital to campaign success and payback.

    Contact us to get in touch about your client requirements and we can discuss.

    expandLyleBailie Media Solutions

    • We offer you Media Solutions either as part of LyleBailie’s full range of service capabilities or as a stand-alone Media Planning & Buying service.
    • Full range of media handled – Digital, TV, Radio, Press, Out of Home, Cinema, Sponsorships, Content, etc.
    • Recruitment Advertising only – Press, Digital, Radio, Outdoor, etc.
    • Media Analysis and Research – project based (if you have a media or strategic issue that needs planning, recommendations for solutions that are required or just some evidentially based advice, then we can help).
    • LyleBailie Media Audit – get in touch via the contact form for an audit of your existing planning and buying, plus some recommendations for improvement.
      Return on Investment – get in touch if an econometric study could help evaluate how your media budget is working and what return it is paying back.

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