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Monday 1st November 2004

Belfast Advertising Agency Lyle Bailie International has received a much coveted award at the prestigious annual Institute of Practitioners in Advertising national Effectiveness Awards in London. The agency is the only Northern Ireland based advertising firm to be recognised by the judges and joins a select group of industry winners.

Lyle Bailie International achieved the recognition for its case study on “The Longer Term Effects of Road Safety Advertising” on behalf of the Department of Environment for Northern Ireland.

The case study explored how a £8.68 million pound investment in DOE road safety advertising over a nine-year period had made a significant contribution to saving lives and protecting the public from injury on the roads as well as the economic benefits for the community.

The evidence highlighted the 2774 lives saved from death and serious injury from the period 1995 to 2003 with the TV advertising campaigns emerging as the most influential factor in changing public attitudes and behavioural shifts.

The advertisements were made by the Belfast Agencies’ Managing Director David Lyle and Creative Director Julie Anne Bailie and this latest accolade confirms their position as the effectiveness leaders in Ireland.

Commenting on their success Julie Anne Bailie said:

“This award shows how advertising can be held to account and these campaigns work because they hold people to account for how they behave on the road”.

David Lyle and Julie Anne Bailie’s work in the field of road safety has resulted in worldwide recognition of their professional achievements. The Belfast company has secured international creative awards, including Gold’s at the Golden Awards of Montreaux, Gold’s at the Hollywood International Broadcasting Awards, Gold’s at the Los Angeles Mobius Awards, as well as Clios from Miami, Eagles from Mexico City and Gold at the British Television Awards."



While previous case studies have examined the effectiveness of behaviour- specific campaigns (such as Drink Driving, Seatbelts, Speeding) over shorter time spans, the difference in this study is that it probes the cumulative effect of a series of road safety campaigns, over the longer term.

During the nine years from the launch of the new advertising strategy, the total killed or seriously injured fell by 2,774, compared to the previous nine years- a 27 % decrease.

The economic saving of £704.35 million is based upon government figures- £1.25 million per death and £0.140 million per serious injury.

When killed and seriously injured data is linked to the growth of licensed vehicles, it is found that the KSI’s per 10,000 vehicles, have been more than halved.

There has been a 59% growth of licensed vehicles for 1995-2003, compared to 1986-1994.

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