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Northern Ireland's Noise Awareness Campaign - devised by leading advertising agency LyleBailie International - has won the prestigious John Connell Award from The Noise Abatement Society. The award is given in recognition of outstanding efforts to reduce the impacts of noise nuisance on the quality of the environment. The Environment and Heritage Service (EHS) commissioned the noise awareness campaign in February this year and received the 2005 award from the Privy Councillor Lord Whitty at a ceremony in the House of Commons last week.

Speaking at the event Peter Wakeman, Director of the Noise Abatement Society said "The judging panel was most impressed with the efforts of EHS and feel that this campaign will greatly help to reduce ever increasing noise pollution in our environment".

Richard Rogers, Chief Executive of EHS, said of the advertising campaign : "Our campaign highlighted the seriousness of this issue for many people. Noise nuisance can cause severe distress to people who are subjected to it and everyone should remember to be more considerate to their neighbours. I am very pleased that the success of the campaign has been recognised and delighted that EHS has been awarded The John Connell Award".

LyleBailie's advertising campaign used graphic television and newspaper adverts to warn noisy neighbours that 'Too Loud is not Allowed!' and that they risk action being taken by their local council. People who suffer at the hands of noisy neighbours were reminded by the campaign that if noise is too loud they were allowed to complain and that is exactly what they did.

The 'Too Loud' campaign devised by Lyle Bailie International was Northern Ireland's first province-wide noise campaign.

An independent survey which assessed the impact of the campaign found:

•  29% increase in the likelihood of complaining about noise;

•  100% increase in the number of people saying they would contact their council if they had a problem with noisy neighbours;

•  56% awareness level of the campaign;

•  77% of respondents said the campaign influenced them;

•  80% of respondents said the campaign made them think about the seriousness of noisy neighbours;

•  79% of respondents consider noisy neighbours to be a very serious or fairly serious issue; and

•  91% of respondents said that the campaign was informative.

Amy Stewart from Lyle Bailie International said "Our advertising campaign was aimed at both the victim and the noise maker, but especially the victim, and we succeeded in ensuring they feel it is OK to complain . We are delighted to be part this award in recognition of the success of the advertising campaign."


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