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1. Northern Ireland’s latest Seatbelt Observation Survey was conducted by NISRA in April 2007 and is totally independent.

2. Overall wearing rates have increased to 95% in Northern Ireland, up from 93% in 2006.

3. Driver wearing rates have increased to 95%, compared to the last published GB driver wearing rate of 93% (Oct. 06).

4. Backseat wearing rates in Northern Ireland have increased to 90%, compared to the last published GB backseat wearing rate of 84% (Oct. 06).

Wearing Rates

5. The biggest increases in Northern Ireland seatbelt wearing rates are in:

• Backseat 14-29 year olds – up from 46% in April 2001 (before the launch of Damage) to 83% in April 2007.

• All backseat wearing rates – up from 67% in April 2001 (before the launch of Damage) to 90% in April 2007.

Role of Advertising
6. Northern Ireland’s seatbelt wearing rates have continuously lagged behind GB rates until this year – Northern Ireland now has the highest driver and overall backseat published wearing rates in the UK.

7. The importance of advertising in creating road safety awareness has been independently established:

Importance of Advertising

8. The influence of advertising on seatbelt wearing has been verified in tracking research by Millward Brown Ulster, conducted independently under an Independence and Probity contract:

Historical Influence

Historical Influence
• DOE Seatbelt TV advertising regularly achieves scores for Awareness and Influence which are far above advertising TV norms.

9. The evidential case studies for DOE’s seatbelt advertising have won effectiveness awards in London, Brussels and New York, including a Euro Effie in 2006.

10. DOE’s Seatbelt advertising has been based on an Emotional Engagement Strategy:

Emotional Strategy
Damage was launched in 2001, using shocking imagery to encode long-term memory and to dramatise the selfishness of not wearing a seatbelt by showing how brain damage and death are the outcomes. Selfish and Get It On were added in October 2006, further dramatising the brain injuries caused by non-wearing of seatbelts.

Seatbelt Ad
10th September, 2007.

Research sourced from Millward Brown is conducted under a comprehensive “Independence and Probity of Research” contract with LyleBailie. The Comptroller and Auditor General confirmed, before the Public Accounts Committee on Thursday 13th September 2007 at Stormont, that “LyleBailie had taken action to prevent any conflict” of interest.

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