Without depth all is shallow


Why Depth?

The war zone in marketing is Memory:
long-term Emotional Memory. Without Memory,
there is zero awareness, zero effect, zero results.

Expertise in creating enduring Emotional Memories has made LyleBailie International into a highly-awarded Belfast advertising agency with a pioneering reputation for both Creative Leadership and Effectiveness Leadership. LyleBailie is the leading advertising agency in Northern Ireland producing globally famous work.

That’s how we know that the skill behind capturing human memory is never a random spin of a creative roulette wheel – or a haphazard splashing of paint on walls. Instead, capturing Emotional Memory demands Depth. Go Deeper

Depth of research, depth of analysis, depth of expertise and depth of talent are all essential in engaging human memory in an era of exploding complexity. When communicators try to create memories without the depth needed to finesse it, the outcomes often misfire, misconnect or miss the target. That’s why extensive research shows that often advertising fails:

“Some advertising does not work at all…
and some advertising works negatively.

I am in a position to know, because much of my career has been
spent in advertising research.”

Erik du Plessis, The Advertised Mind (2005), Millward Brown and Kozan Page, p1.

At LyleBailie we gasp at the number of failing advertising campaigns we see that are based on shallow thinking and shallow insights. To prevent this for twenty years we have employed full-time, in-house psychologists to ensure Depth in our strategic, media and creative planning.

Our Psychology Research Unit employs unique, scientific techniques to pre-test our work and ensure that we only ever produce effective advertising which delivers measurable results.

We use the findings of neuropsychology to weave Emotional Resonance into our creative ideas and then optimise how we engage, impact and influence real lives – by leveraging Emotional Memory.

Memory is the battleground.
But Depth is the difference.
Without Depth All is Shallow.

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